RC-soaring in Denmark
RC-soaring in Denmark

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This is an index of slopes in Denmark.

A total of 22 slopes are currently registered in the database.

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Please note that this page is under development. Several features (including search, filter and sorting options) will be added soon. The number of slopes in the database will also be increased.
Hundebakken (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
Ræhr (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
SSW Klinteby (Klinteby) Southern Sealand  
SSW Bjørnebæk (Bjørnebæk) Southern Sealand  
Stejlebakken (Dybsø Fjord) Southern Sealand  
ESE Møns Klint (Møns Klint - Jættebrink) Møn  
Fyns hoved (Northern Fyn) Fyn  
NW Toftum Bjerge (Thy, at Humlum north of Struer) Mid/West Jutland  
Kulhuse (North of Frederikssund) Northern Sealand  
SSE Lushage (Helgenæs) Eastern Jutland  
Lushage east (Helgenæs) Eastern Jutland  
SE Fuglsø (Mols) Eastern Jutland  
ESE Boeslum/Elsegårde (Ebeltoft) Eastern Jutland  
ESE Glatved (South of Grenå) Eastern Jutland  
NE Gjerrild Klint (North of Grenå) Eastern Jutland  
NNE Hamborg (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
NNE Vigsø (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
NW Hanstholm Harbour (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
Hanstholm Fyr (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
SW Transformer-slope (Hanstholm) North/West Jutland  
SE Skyum Bjerge (Thisted) North/West Jutland  
Ulbjerg (Vildsund/Rønbjerg) Northern Jutland  
SW Glenstrup Sø (North of Randers) Eastern Jutland  
Vrinners (Mols) Eastern Jutland  
NW Jelshøj (Århus South) Eastern Jutland  
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