RC-soaring in Denmark
RC-soaring in Denmark


Stork II Pro 
Danish Championship F3J 2005 
Arnborg Winter F3J 2005 
Local Danish F3J event "Als F3J 2005" 
Arnborg Soaring Center, January 2005 
Danish F3B Championship 2004 
Delmenhorst F3J 2004 
Graphite 2 
German Championship F3J 2004 
Danish Championship F3J 2004 
Trinitus: final build stage and finish (3 of 3) 
Trinitus: final build stage and finish (2 of 3) 
Trinitus: final build stage and finish (1 of 3) 
Arnborg Winter F3J 
F3J Winter-pokal 2004 Stade, Germany 
Autumn F3J 2003 
Starlight 3000 cross-tail 
Danish Championship F3J 2003 
Holland Glide 2003 
Giga 2000 
Nordic Championship F3J 2003 
Local Danish F3J event "JM F3J 2003" 
Pike Superior 
Grindsted Open 2003 
Local Danish F3J event "SM F3J 2003" 
Intermodellbau 2003 
Starlight 3000 
Local Danish F3J event "SM F3J 2002" 
Norddeutsche Meisterschaft F3J 
Holland Glide 2002 
Local Danish F3B event "JM F3B 2002" 
Danish Championship F3J 2002 
Local Danish F3B event "Fynbo Cup F3B 2002" 
Local Danish F3J event "JM F3J 2002" 
Local Danish F3J event "Als F3J 2002" 
Old photos: European Championship F3B 1984 
Old photos: Viking Race F3F 1989 
Sharon (3.4m) 
Ellipse 2V and Ellipse 3 Cam 
Trinitus: building the wing 
Trinitus: building the v-tail 
Trinitus: building the fuselage 
Trinitus photo-collection 
Slopesoaring at Ulbjerg, Denmark 
F3J Winter-pokal 2001 
Danish Championship F3J 2000 

Holland Glide 2003 

Photos from the F3J-event "Holland Glide 2003", August 30.-31. 2003

The winner of Holland Glide 2003 was:

Tony Vale (middle)

In second place it's Jaroslav Vostrel (left)

Third place went to Cor de Jong (right)
Tony Vale flew a Pike Superior V-tail version.

The Pike was one of the most common planes at Holland Glide.

126 pilots flew in this event. A total of 6 preliminary rounds and 2 fly-off rounds were flown.
Tony Vale with assistant Adrian Lee.

12 pilots flew in the fly-off and used a local rule for landing score: The first meter was divided into steps of 20 cm, so the score could be asigned with intervals of 1 point.
Tobias Lammlein
Tobias Lammlein.
The "Pacemaker" stod out from the crowd with it's 4 meter wingspan and 77 dm² area.

It's still in the experimental fase since it has many possible configuration settings.
Vera Bastuck did very well and finished as no 5.

She flew a Corrado.
There were several rainshowers during the last 2 rounds.

During the competition at least 20 planes crashed!

Rain, mid-air collisions, collisions during start and most of all: wings breaking because of strong wind were some of the reasons for that amount of damage.

But most of the time the weather was very nice and the conditions were perfect.
The danish team.

Left to right it's:
Ole Blomseth, Klaus Christiansen, Leif Mikkelsen, Steffen Jorgensen and behind the camera it's Peter Mikkelsen.
Sharon Pro
Sharon Pro
Klaus Christiansen and Steffen Jorgensen look like they are in serious pain. But this is just the way you look when you are launching a plane into the sky.
A crashed Pike Superior.

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